About Us

husseini builders ltd

From humble beginningsā€¦

Established in 1992 with our core business being specialization in architectural aluminium systems, steel casements and all types of buildings and automotive glass.

Through dedication, hard work and professional management practices, the company has evolved to successfully handle and complete complex and multiple projects.

We have recently expanded in specializing in the production of laminated, sandblasted, fused, etched, bent and polished glass.

Mission Statement:

Husseini Builders Ltd’s pledge is to provide quality products to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction. We are committed to:

  • Become market leaders by excelling beyond measure in all areas of operations by addressing and implementing specific needs of our clients.
  • Total customer satisfaction.
  • Open communication among all Husseini employees.
  • Continual improvement in all processes.


The Husseini Builders Ltd philosophy has remained unchanged for over two decades; deliver a quality product on time and on budget.

To that end, our mission is:
To deliver to our customers the highest level of quality glass and aluminium products at fair and market competitive prices.


"Superb product, my site ran super fast, support and guidance is excellent!"

Inayat Pirani: Director, African Energy Solutions Ltd


4mm Orange Lacobel 130 x 84
8mm Clear 144 x 84
5mm Bronze Tinted 130 x 84 1/4
4mm Clear 130 x 84
8.38mm Clear Laminated 130 x 84
12mm Bronze Tinted 130 x 84
4mm Transition 72 x 48
6mm Bronze Tinted 130 x 84
3mm Diamond 51 x 74
10mm 144 x 84